Market Report by Muleshoe Livestock Auction Inc.

Market Report by Muleshoe Livestock Auction Inc.

Cattle: January 20, 2022

Cattle: Price:
200-300 LB STRS: 0.00
300-400 LB STRS: 0.00
400-500 LB STRS: $185-$215
500-600 LB STRS: $170-$195
600-700 LB STRS: $150-$170
700-800 LB STRS: $147-$155
800 up LB STRS: ---
Cattle: Price:
200-300 LB HFRS: $170-$200
300-400 LB HFRS: $160-$185
400-500 LB HFRS: $165-$185
500-600 LB HFRS: $150-$170
600-700 LB HFRS: $140-$155
700-800 LB HFRS: ---
800 up LB HFRS: ---
Cattle: Price:
Pairs: ---
Bred Cows: ---
Packer Cows-High Yield: $67-$75
Packer Cows-Low Yield: $50-$60
Holsteins: $55-$75
Bulls: $85-$103
Holstein Hfrs: $75-$99


Hogs: Price:
Feeder Pigs: $100-$150/per lb
200-300 LB Hogs: $70-$85/CWT
300-400 LB Sows: $50-$60/cwt
400-500 LB Sows: $50-$65/cwt
500-600 LB Sows: $50-$84
Boars: $5-$35/cwt


Sheep: Price:
Lambs-Fder: $125-$160/cwt
Lambs-Fat: $120-$140/cwt
Bucks: $150-$250/pr hd
Hair Sheep Lambs: $180-$270/cwt
Ewes: $100-$210/hd


Goats: Price:
Kids: $80-$170/hd
Nannies: $120-$210/per hd
Wethers: $200-$320/hd
Billies: $175-$400/hd

Total Head:

Total Head:
Total Cattle: 607
Total Hogs: 181
Total Sheep and Goats: 700
Total Livestock: 1488

Prices as of All out of state blackface or blackfacnloaded and sold. All out of state bucks over 6 months of age regardless of breed must have elisa brucellosis blood test.

Thanks to all of our buyers and sellers on a good set of cattle offered on Friday with high prices.


All sheep and goats MUST have scrapie tags.
We will begin charges at $15/hd or more to tag them here.

call 1-866-USDATAG

Friday cattle sales begins11AM
Saturday Hog/Sheep/goat sale begins 9AM