Market Report by Muleshoe Livestock Auction Inc.

Market Report by Muleshoe Livestock Auction Inc.

Cattle: November 4, 2021

Cattle: Price:
200-300 LB STRS: $190-$230
300-400 LB STRS: $200-$225
400-500 LB STRS: $185-$215
500-600 LB STRS: $170-$195
600-700 LB STRS: $150-$170
700-800 LB STRS: $147-$155
800 up LB STRS: ---
Cattle: Price:
200-300 LB HFRS: $170-$200
300-400 LB HFRS: $160-$185
400-500 LB HFRS: $165-$185
500-600 LB HFRS: $150-$170
600-700 LB HFRS: $140-$155
700-800 LB HFRS: ---
800 up LB HFRS: ---
Cattle: Price:
Pairs: ---
Bred Cows: ---
Packer Cows-High Yield: $67-$75
Packer Cows-Low Yield: $50-$60
Holsteins: $55-$75
Bulls: $85-$103
Holstein Hfrs: $75-$99


Hogs: Price:
Feeder Pigs: $100-$150/per lb
200-300 LB Hogs: $70-$85/CWT
300-400 LB Sows: $50-$60/cwt
400-500 LB Sows: $50-$65/cwt
500-600 LB Sows: $50-$84
Boars: $5-$35/cwt


Sheep: Price:
Lambs-Fder: $125-$160/cwt
Lambs-Fat: $120-$140/cwt
Bucks: $150-$250/pr hd
Hair Sheep Lambs: $180-$270/cwt
Ewes: $100-$210/hd


Goats: Price:
Kids: $80-$170/hd
Nannies: $120-$210/per hd
Wethers: $200-$320/hd
Billies: $175-$400/hd

Total Head:

Total Head:
Total Cattle: 607
Total Hogs: 181
Total Sheep and Goats: 700
Total Livestock: 1488

Prices as of November 4th & 5th sales All out of state blackface or blackfacnloaded and sold. All out of state bucks over 6 months of age regardless of breed must have elisa brucellosis blood test.

Thanks to all of our buyers and sellers on a good set of cattle offered on Friday with high prices.

No sale on November 25th or 26th in observance of Thanksgiving.

All sheep and goats MUST have scrapie tags.
We will begin charges at $10/hd or more to tag them here.

call 1-866-USDATAG

Friday cattle sales begins11AM
Saturday Hog/Sheep/goat sale begins 9AM